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Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

::: The Story of Jason Teach :::

Aloha 'n Ahoi

sweet Mates & Mateys,
say *HI*to a Pirate*s Life!
Erinnert ihr euch an die Geschichte
meiner drei Schwestern und mir als Captain-Lady?

My real Medieval-Costume was the Idea
for the Comic-Character of the
::: Captain Lady Silk LaBoe :::
Owner of the ~ Tropic of Capricorn ~
in the PotC-Adaption ::: The Four Sisterhood :::

You can see my Spanish Sword 'El Cid' ♥

Nun, mittlerweile kursieren im Netz neue Geschichten
aber es sind nicht unsere eigenen Geschichten,
sondern Fanstories, an die ::: The Four Sistershood ::: angelehnt.

Gefunden bei DeviantART
und geschrieben von
Pirate of the Caribbean

Holy shit Macarel crab,
meine Schwestern Komy, Mato, Grace und ich waren darüber sehr erstaunt
aber fühlten uns jedoch auch massgeblich ein wenig gebauchpinselt.

Und so ist es uns eine Ehre,
eine englische PotC-Fanstory hier mit Erlaubnis des Autors vorzustellen:
oder sagen wir es mit den Worten des Schreiberlings:

'' Aye, ye have me permission to, Milady Silk.''

[] ... "I am Captain Silk LaBoe, Captain of the ::: Tropic of Capricorn :::,
and newly appointed Pirate Lord of the Cape of Good Hope." ... []


The Story of Jason Teach, Pt 19

[] ::: We sailed off the coast of Brazil as night fell upon the Queen Anne's Revenge, we kept our eyes peeled for any city lights on an island. The ship sailed through the glassy still water, lit by the glow of the full moon, the Queen Anne's red sails billowing in the fair wind. "Land ho!" shouted the lookout, pointing to an island with lights. "We've made it!" I said to the crew. They then cheered. As we sailed into the island's waters, there was another ship as well anchored off the coast. It was La Reina de Cuba, Rachel's flagship. "Ahoy!" I shouted. We then pulled alongside and we greeted the crew and my first mate, who was the captain. "How've ye been sir?" he asked me, scratching his red beard. "I've been well." I said smiling. "Well, we've got a meeting to go to." he said, "So let's go Jason Teach, Pirate Lord of the Sargasso Sea and America's Coast." we then reboarded the Revenge and the Queen Anne led La Reina into the small but deep inlet, where the ships eventually reached a massive and extensive cavern. The ships were sailing in the dark, but the ship's lanterns provided enough light to navigate through the dark cave. "Where's the city?" asked Rachel, her voice echoing throughout the cavern. She soon got her answer as we then saw light ahead at the end. "Welcome to the City of the Brethren." I said standing at the bow. As we then pulled into a large lake, there were many other ships tied to the docks; junks, corvettes, frigates, galleons, and many other types. We eventually found a spot near another galleon, but the galleon was one I did not recognize, it had a Capricorn figurehead, three masts, and there were three or four female crew members aboard. I then looked at the stern, and I saw the name "Tropic of Capricorn?" I asked myself reading the name. We then docked and we were confronted by the Capricorn's captain and crew.

The Capricorn's captain then stepped up to me, smiling. She was a tall, stocky woman with icy blue eyes and dark brown hair with a grey bandana tied around her forehead. "Ahoy, madame." I said politely. "Ahoy, Captain Teach." she said. I was dumbfounded. "How do ye know...?" I asked. She then pointed to one of the female crewmembers, who was tall and curvaceous, with long red hair and eyes as green as Rachel's, she had a medallion around her neck in the shape of a silver mermaid with winged arms and a green stone set at the end of the tail. "This is my navigator Grainne O'Malley, we call her Grace for short." said the captain introducing Grace. Grace then nodded to me. I nodded back, I then looked at another woman, who had the appearance of being Native American with tribal markings on her arms, legs, and neck. She had long black hair and black eyes, I then looked down and saw something that made me a bit uncomfortable. She was gripping an axe tightly. "This is Matoaka Sachem, we call her Mato for short, she's our cook, but she's a hell of a fighter as well. She's from an Arawak tribe as well." said the captain introducing Mato. I then nodded to Mato, she nodded back. "and finally this be my first mate, Komy Fly." she said walking over toa woman with what appeared to be grey mutton chops, but were really bangs of grey hair hanging down like muttonchops, and light green eyes. She also had a bow in the middle of her bodice with a pendant on the bow. "Nice to meet ye, Captain Teach." said Komy. "Same here, Komy!" I said. I then pointed to the captain. "Your name is?" I asked her.

"I am Captain Silk LaBoe, captain of the Tropic of Capricorn, and newly appointed Pirate Lord of the Cape of Good Hope." she said introducing herself. I then smiled. "I'm Captain..." I was interrupted. "Holy mackrel shit! I know who ye are, Jason Teach, son of ol' Blackbeard." said Silk. I was then bewildered, I then looked at Grace because she apparently told Silk who I was. "Trust me, Jason, Grace is just as mysterious as the sea." said Silk. Grace then smiled at me. My gunner was suddenly attracted to her beauty, walking to her. I then drew a pistol, pointing it at him uncocked. "Go near her and I'll blow yer brains out." I said threatningly to him. He then backed away from Grace. Upon him doing that, I then tucked the pistol back into my bandolier. "Shall we go to the meeting?" asked Rachel. "Aye, let's go!" I said, leading the way to the meeting place of the Pirate Lords.

We then reached a large building where there was an anchor chandelier hanging directly over a large and long table. There were more people in the room, some were the legendary Pirate Lords of the Worldwide Pirate Brethren. "Welcome to the Fifth Brethren Court, my fellow Captains!" I said gladly to them. They all greeted me. I then turned my attention to a man dressed in Frenchman's attire. "Good to see ye again, Capitan Chevron!" I said. Capitan Chevron was the Pirate Lord of the English Channel and leader of the French Pirate Brethren he then bowed in respect. "Good to see you too, Monsieur Teach." he said back to me in his native accent. I then looked at an Asian woman, Chinese in origin, wearing a silk decorated black kimino. "Mistress Ling." I said bowing. Mistress Ling was the Pirate Lord of the Korean Sea and the leader of the Chinese and Korean Pirate Brethren. She then smiled and bowed back. "Captain Teach." she said. I then looked over to a man dressed in red orange Middle Eastern attire and turban. He had a wire thin moustache. "Amal Jizhadee, Բարեւ Ձեզ ("hello")." I said to him. Amal was the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean and the leader of the Muslim Pirate Brethren. He then smiled back. "Բարեւ Ձեզ, Jason Teach." he said back in delight. Rachel then took a step forward. "Hello, pirate and piratess captains." she said, "I'm Rachel Anne Rackham, Pirate Lord of the Gulf of Mexico." she then showed her Piece of Eight as proof, a silver doubloon. I was then shocked. "you're a Pirate Lord?" I asked her. She nodded on reply. Silk then took a step forward and then said she was the newly appointed Lord of the Cape of Good Hope, showing her Piece of Eight as well which was a gold ingot.

After a short break, I then banged the table with a chain shot, getting the attention of the Lords. "I summoned all of ye because we face a terrible threat...Jolly Roger and the Undead Fleet." I said gravely. The Lords then began conversing worryingly. "What can we do about the fleet led by the Peste Noir?" asked Chevron. "We must fight against them." I said. There was a short silence, then there was laughter, which I thought was absurd to be doing in this time of matter. "This city is hidden from the world, only we know about it." said Mistress Ling, "There is no need to fight if they cannot find us." All of the others agree. "But...Jolly Roger knows where I am at all times." I then said. "FIGHTING AGAINST THEM WOULD BE SUICIDE!!" shouted Amal.

Suddenly, I began hearing the thudding of boots behind me. I turned around and saw a man dressed in red captain's attire. "Oh my Lord." I said, "Welcome, Captain Gabriel Drummond, or should I say Captain Greyhound." He then nodded walking to where a chair was. Greyhound was the newly appointed Pirate Lord of the seas around Madagascar, he earned the nickname "The Red Gentleman" due from his red attire and his appearance, he did not look anything like an ordinary pirate. "We need to fight against the fleet, this could be one fight that the Brethren could be remembered for also." I said. The captains then pondered at the thought. Silk then looked at me with a smile on her face. "Don't ye remember an act of war can only be declared by the Pirate King?" asked Chevron. "Damn, I remember now." I said, but then it flashed in my head. "I call for a vote." I said. Everyone then groaned. "I vote for Capitan Chevron." said Chevron. "Mistress Ling." said Ling. "Amal Jizhadee." said Amal. "Captain Greyhound." said Greyhound in his Scottish accent. "Jason Teach." I said. "Silk...Ah, what the hell, I'll vote for Cap'n Teach here." said Silk. "Jason Teach." said Rachel who smiled at me, her green eyes glittering in the candlelight. "Well, that's settled." I said. "What's say you, Captain Teach? King of the Brethren." asked Ling. I then unsheathed my father's sword and stabbed the wooden floor. "Prepare every ship that floats, at dawn. We're at war." I said. Komy then took a step forward. "Well, let's show those living dog bones what we can do!" she said proudly. The pirates and the captains then cheered at the declaration, walking out of the building. I then pulled the sword from the floor and sheathed it. I then turned around and found Rachel standing in front of me. "Take my hand." she said. I then took her hand and we walked out back to the Queen Anne.

As we walked to the ship, we talked of what the plan of battle was going to be. "I'll have the Revenge lead the fleet against the enemy fleet, it'll just be me and Rgoer to face it down." I said. "What if you don't survive?" she asked. I then paused, thinking of what would happen at that thought. "If ye have a child, son or daughter, then tell them about their father if I don't live an you do." I said. She then shook her head, tears welling in her eyes, she then kissed me passionately. "I don't want you to die, Jason." she said. I then hugged her. "I won't." I said. We then continued walking to the ship. After a long time, we finally reached the Revenge, got on board and got dressed for bed. Rachel got under the silky covers, me getting in as well. Rachel's back was facing me, my arm around her waist. "Jason." said Rachel. "Aye?" I asked. "I love you so much." she said. "I love you too, Rachel." I said, holding her more close to me. I then finally went to sleep. The Queen Anne creaked as she sat in the docks. Tomorrow, at dawn, we would go to war against the Undead Fleet led by the evil Jolly Roger and his ship, the Black Death. The final battle would come at long last. The battle between pirates and the undead. Good versus evil. Freedom of pirates everywhere hung in the balance. ...[]  © 2013 ~PirateoftheCaribbean

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