“My name is Captain Jack Sparrow,
-ah, I take it some of you have heard of me.”

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Montag, 20. September 2004

I'm a Pirate

I'm a Pirate
Lyrics copyrighted by: R. Wise
(to be sung to the music "He's a Pirate" from the Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Curse of the Black Pearl


I'm a pirate and I'll pillage and I'll plunder and I'll loot.
I will kidnap and I'll ravage and I won't give a hoot.
I'm a pirate, I'm a scoundrel, I'm a villian and a knave.
I'm a really bad egg, so my soul you can't save.

I will say things like "savvy", "scallywag", and "walk the plank."
I will heave to, weigh anchor, swab the deck before we sink.
If I like you you're a matey and we'll splice the mainbrace.
If you cross me I'll send you to Davy Jones' Locker
Way down to the sharks - who - will -

I'm the best pirate
You'll ever hear of.
Captain Jack Sparrow -
That is my name!

Someday I will hang from a noose way up high,
And I'll swing 'till I'm dead and I'm blue.
But until then, I'll be sailing the seas,
And I'll look for a port with a lassie or two.

I am Captain Jack Sparrow,
The best pirate you've heard of.
I love the sea, I love my ship,
I love the freedom they bring.
Please don't forget my name!