“My name is Captain Jack Sparrow,
-ah, I take it some of you have heard of me.”

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Sonntag, 10. März 2013

::: Captains Collections :::

Aloha & Ahoi
dear Mates & Mateys!

Say 'HI' zu neuen März-Bildern 
aus meiner ::: Captains Collection :::

Fangen wir mit einer wunderschönen Piratin an.

::: Sophia Fairesword :::
is an Academic and Performing Arts Educator
and the Director of ::: The Wenches of Syren's Call :::

More Information? So come ...
Please, sit down and visit the Facebook-Page

Please, come closer and visit
::: Knotfist ::: the Cannibal Pyrate

2014 Nominee for The Order of Leviathan:
Entertainer, Artist, Musician, and Philanthropist,
well-versed in many worldly Cultures and Traditions.

Inspired by © Knotfist

Say 'Ello' to a threehundred Years old Pirat
calling ::: Bill Sudbery ::: ;)

 ::: Stynky Tudor :::,
Pyracy Pub Owner-Operator

Inspired by © Don Dunbar

... und zum guten Schluss
Take a look at this fab Pirate 
from Portland, called Robert Robinson

Freut sich an Deck
der J A C K

mit Silk 'Elle' LaBoe

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